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Introducing the Enviro Meridian Pellet Stove, a sleek and efficient addition to any home fireplace. With its advanced technology and EPA certification, this pellet stove delivers the convenience and reliability you need. Boasting one of the highest heat output capacities in the market, the Meridian can generate up to 45,000 BTUs, ensuring that your living space stays warm and comfortable. Not only does the Meridian excel in heat output, but it also ranks as one of the cleanest burning pellet stoves with an EPA emission rating of just 1.1 gram/hour. Bring the power of the Enviro Meridian Pellet Stove into your home and enjoy a cozy atmosphere with minimal environmental impact.


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Large arched bay door.

Tri-mode thermostat compatible.

Remote thermostat compatible.

Large heat exchanger.

Large, full-pedestal ash pan.

Fluted Liner included.

If you need assistance with choosing a product, or you're ready to heat your home, give us a call at

*All heat area coverage listings are estimations, not exact specifications.

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